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What some call it an attack; others call it an advice-part-1

20 Feb, 2012 - By: Ibrahim Mead - When some one is in the thick of wronging (his base) others and drifting Somaliland off the rail...

and his close advisors tell him, “You are good, you are right, you are doing the right thing” the recipient of this advice hates any one else telling him otherwise! He hates any one else telling him, “Sir, what you are doing is not right! You are travelling on the wrong path! You put Somaliland on an undermined sand cliff! Stop this!”
The wrong doer usually takes it personal and his advisors do the same, even more! Nothing can be corrected when such attitude of defiance and denial is the preferable tool!
For the last three or four days, two brothers in particular were more vocal in their criticism of Siilanyo’s administration than others! I think it is so because it came from an unexpected coroner! Brother Mohamed Ragi and Brother Yussuf Abdillahi Janale
(ref: Hadhwanaag and Qaran news successive interviews) are from the same sub-clan of that of the president. The question is: did the brothers attack the president’s administration as well as him self in person or did they advise the president by warning him of the corruption and the miss-management which crippled his administration, in their own way!?
Did they tell him the truth so that he may heed and then correct the wrong or did they attack him in person and for nothing!?
I, for one believe they were advising a man they like very much in an honest and brave way! The difference is they simply followed what the prophet of Allah (scw) advised the believers to do when coming to the aid of a brother in need in which they have to come to his aid when need is warranted.

The prophet of Allah directed the believers that they should come to the aid of a brother in need. He (scw) said, “Come to the aid of your brother when he is wronged as well as when he wrongs others” the prophet (scw) was asked, Oh the prophet of Allah, how can we come to his aid when he wrongs others!? The Prophet said, “Stop him wronging others. Tell him the truth” Along this prophetic advice the Brothers Janale and Ragi were trying to tell their man, our man the president the truth and the truth is not bad at all!

They were not attacking the man they love and helped him win the election.
They wanted to help the man they made him President by telling him the truth.
They wanted to help the man they wished him all the success in the world.
They wanted to help the man they sacrificed so much so that he can leave a legacy where by every generation utters the words: “God bless him and forgive him for he left us a country in tact. We can pass it to the next generation, and the next generation will pass it to the next generation and so on and so forth”.
The brothers were fighting against a legacy the man they adored may leave for the country where by the people will curse him and wish for him to be in the hottest spot of the Hell in hereafter, when ever his name is mentioned, for he will leave for them a fragmented and divided people and country! For he will leave nothing for the people of Somaliland! Nothing, nothing if he does not change direction, vision and mission! That is what they do not want to happen. They were helping the president in telling him the truth and the truth some times hurts but in essence it is good, I believe.

I don’t believe a bit that they intend to attack the president. It is how you take it. It is who you are! It is how one follows and obeys and lives with the teachings of the prophet.(scw) It is how much moral and conscience left in you. I believe the Brothers mentioned above followed the prophet’s (scw) sayings. They also followed their conscience. They are moral people, not mad people as some goons put it!
“Allah guides not the snares of the false ones” we are told.
This is my take

However peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead

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