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An open letter to Mr. Siilanyo the president of Somaliland

22 Apr, 2012 - Subject: How selectively some parties were chosen over others! - This forum is utterly deplores the injustice involved in the final results of the new political parties! How they classified which won and which did not was unfair, deceptive and fraudulent to say it mildly!

Once to every leader and nation comes the point in time to decide, in the contention of justice and injustice, of truth and falsehood for good or evil! Mr. President take the justice side, take the moral side, take the godly side, take the good side this time and correct the wrongs done by unthinking body of people of yours!

This forum is calling you Mr. President to revisit the shameful, fraudulent and unfair result regarding the new parties which has been announced by your commission yesterday!
What they called a pass was a blunder! In this way we did not create new blood and new parties, we created hatred and mistrust against each other and against the government!

How the commission did such unfair selection of the so called winners and losers is a recipe for disaster. It will further widen the distance between the people and their government!
The government seems they are at war with particular clans and personalities! Such government move will invite Mr. Maheega to mediate between the Somaliland communities if the government insists on its wrongs! God for bid!

What a tangled web of discordant and conflict the commission for the political parties weaved when first they allowed buses full of people to go around from one region to another region, with the same people in all these places, then declared the beneficiaries of this deceiving practice the winner parties, while on the contrary the genuine and honest parties who did not move the same people around from one point to another and to another were declared losers! It is not only an administrative malfeasance it seems that it was planed, and those who did this did not think a bit! The real loser here is Somaliland!

The parties they said they failed have the true electoral masses while most of the others they said they passed don’t and that was the reason they allowed them to move the same people around! The government of Mr. Siilanyo is in the thick of this destructive exercise! God is watching. The world is watching! We are watching! History is registering this and the wrath of the people goes to the wrong doers!

In entertaining, accepting and declaring this result right and final amounts to declaration of instability and communal conflicts created by the government!
This is a wrong move which in one stroke undermines the trust of the people to their government, the process of democracy and the dispensation of fairness to all.

This forum is calling Mr.Siilanyo to revisit this deceptive and destructive judgment and decisions taken by the ill advised commission of his! It is simply appalling.

What has happened here is unacceptable. It undermined the rights of all communities! It undermined democracy and the process of democracy! It undermined decency and justice for all.

If the leadership does not heed and usually they don’t, we may need Mr.Maheega!! Not between us and Somalia but between the Somaliland communities and between the government and the people, God for bid!

If the government fails to revisit and change these fraudulent results, it will take us to that direction and to that man no matter how undesirable it is!
Finding pleasure in this by the government or by the creators of this is idiot’s delight!
May Allah help us? Allah helps those who help them selves.


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